FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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For Domestic and International Express Shipments, the maximum per piece weight should not exceed 70 Kgs or 120 Cms in any dimension. For shipments, beyond this weight or dimension, you can contact our call center and we will provide you with Road or Air Freight Solutions.
Zajel’s maximum liability is limited as per Warsaw Convention Pact to USD 100 or the value of the shipment, which ever is lower. We are currently working on providing you with an Insurance Option. Kindly watch this space for more information in the near future.
If significant delays or any other problems are experienced that may jeopardize your delivery, Customer Services will contact you and seek your advice as appropriate.
Yes. All deliveries will be required to have a signature at the time of delivery.
No. We welcome any enquiry and will be happy to discuss your details and provide our best service.
Yes, as part of the Track and Trace results screen we will show you the most recent status of your item, along with previous statuses.
Please use the 10 Digit Numerical Sequence to track your shipment on www.zajel.com website.
Please enter the tracking number into Track and Trace to find the latest status of your item. Please keep in mind that the time it takes to deliver your item will depend on a combination of the service standards selected by the sender and your delivery location.

If you’re concerned that your item should have been delivered but hasn’t been, kindly call in the Call Center and we will raise a ‘Service Complaint’.
This depends on what service was chosen by the sender. Please be aware that items that are in the delivery process may be still within the targeted service standards.
Delivery can vary from next day to 2-3 days for Domestic Deliveries and from Next Day to 5 – 7 Days for International deliveries.
Manifested: Its means that your shipment / package is registered in our system.
Dispatched: The act of sending a driver on his/her assigned route with instructions.
You may communicate with us through our toll free number or email us at customersupport@zajel.com and we will assist you further.
Working hours: From 8 am to 6 pm, 6 days a week (Friday and Public holidays are off days)
Address: Al Rostamani Building (Al Qiyada Building) - Al ittihad Rd - E11 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.