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Domestic Courier Service

ZAJEL offer a seamless service from booking and pickup to final delivery, with full track ability of all shipments. We specialize in domestic deliveries serving Ecommerce, SME’s, Government, Private and Banking sectors. Thanks to our extensive fleet network of over 100 branded vans and bikes, you can trust ZAJEL to deliver express documents and parcels within 24 hours of pick-up. The process is seamless, with full shipment visibility from pick-up to delivery. Our domestic services cater to government, banking sector, eCommerce, publishing house.

Standard courier

Deliver your shipment to any location in the UAE within 24 hours.  


Deliver your shipment to any location in the UAE within 24 hours.

Dubai customs

Fast, high-priority service that transports goods overnight or in the early morning.

Return Service

Get your documents and parcels not only delivered but returned from your consignee as a proof of receipt.

Cash-on delivery

We accept cash on delivery for all domestic orders. Additionally, consignees can expect proof of receipt from ZAJEL for all documents and parcels delivered.

e-commerce delivery

If you run a business, our e-commerce courier services are for you. We offer prompt, reliable courier services across the UAE at cost-effective prices.


Rates and estimates

Search our up-to-date and cost-efficient rates and estimates for domestic and international delivery.


Secured, Affordable and Reliable
Logistics Support

Air freight

You can trust ZAJEL to get your important goods to their destination safely and swiftly.

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Sea freight

We have well-established partnerships with ship and vessel companies to offer worldwide delivery.

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